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Schermafbeelding 2023-01-27 om 15.47_edited.jpg

NIKE Digital campaign EMEA 

Memoirs alert: I met Sophie Hemels 10 years ago this year and I didn’t know anyone in Amsterdam yet at that time. Sophie is the first person ever that was able to photograph me looking pretty, and after discovering this talent I asked her to join my friends and me hosting a party and take pictures of drunk teenagers. We discovered we had mutual dreams, to earn bread with our creativity - capturing cool people and stuff people could buy yet don’t really need - and so she introduced me at Cake Film where I learned the ins and outs of the trade. This campaign feels for me like a milestone in achieving my dreams. Working with Sophie on a shoot together, both professionally and as good friends and in collaboration with the London Fourstrong team. Excited to share this campaign and the first stills with you, shot with a lot of talented people in Amsterdam.

Thanks to Max Chanan, the crew and talent, Isabella von Ende, Michiel van Maaren, Steven Strong, Dorthe, Dom Daniel, Laura from Fourstrong agency and NIKE EMEA team for the good times on set and in production, flexibility and trust. 

Photographer  - Sophie Hemels
Digital agency - Four Strong


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